Have you ever looked at your high school photograph and said "phew, why did I choose to have such a funny hair style?". It was a similar feeling when I was looking at the archives of a discussion group. 

It was way back in 2001, me and Ganesh started a discussion group. The purpose of the group is to discuss and learn the C based programming languages (C, C++, Java and C#). It had subscribers from both academia and industry. There were healthy discussion on these core languages and their design. We used to send some newsletters. I happened to find few of them from the archives. Some of the points, which I considered to be important ones, seems to be funny now. Read them and have fun.

Discussion fd = new FirstDiscussion("Garbage Galore");
#define and typedef
try { anotherLetter("virtual"); } catch(Excitement e)...
Expect the Unexpected
Nothing in this world is permanent except change
C++ ANSIC++ = change_cast < C++ > ( C )
package jvm_internals;
Console.WriteLine("Welcome to C#");
struct C *newStd = (C9X*) malloc(sizeof(struct C));
Message operator +(Message);
class thisDiscussion extends Threads;
programmers should be skeptical!
(English)? "Welcome" : "ßÑãÅ ÇÈÞýòè" ;
Console.out.printf("(I/O) Library Design");
int confusion = cabs(C++ - C);
Java Class File Format
int t = i; i = j; j = t;