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Not so long ago, Object Oriented Programming was the talk of the town. It was not just programmers lingo. From Windows NT to Washing machines - everything was advertised as "Built on Object Oriented Model". It was a marketing term then, and for a non-techie "Object Oriented" means something well designed. After 3 decades, now its the turn for SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) This time it didn't go reach the consumer products like washing machine, but it is widely used in every other computer product ranging from IDEs to JVMs. Whenever SOA is talked the other word ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) also hangs around. Add a couple of acronyms like EAI, SOAP, WSDL, XSD, HTTP, it looks like all hi-funda stuff. In this series of articles, I try to explain what SOA & ESB really means and how it will reduce the cost of IT infrastructure - if used properly.


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In the past I was a core developer of BEA's Weblogic Integration and Sonoa's ServiceNet. At present I'm leading the ESB team at Fiorano. All the views expressed here are my own and not reflect the views of my present employer or ex-exmployers.

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