Hello World!

Its all about me, myself and my scribblings

Who am I?

I'm Prakash, a 18 year old kid (for the past "few" years), presently in Bangalore. I love photography(and then my girl friend), I like quotes, passionate about programming and crazy about traveling long distances in my bike.

What's my job?

I'm a developer. I started my career with a bit of C++/CORBA; moved to J2EE projects; switched to .NET and then came back to J2EE. When I was thinking that I've done enough damages to my profile by changing the technologies I work, I jumped into Eclipse development.

Who is my employer?

Recently I moved to Fiorano. Earlier I had my stunts with Verizon, BEA and Sonoa Systems.

Anything else?

Oh, yeah. Quite a few.

  • I know three different ways of how not to start a company. Probably I'm going to learn the fourth way as well.
  • Created an Eclipse plugin called Googlipse. Its the very first (I'm sure) and the best (I hope so!) IDE plugin for the Google Web Toolkit. 
  • Along with Ganesh, I've been a moderator of a group called "C++ Advanced Users", which we started sometime in 2001. Its for discussing and learning the features of C, C++, Java and C# (Yes, we were into C# right from its inception) Now the group is almost dead. You can still view the messages here and here. I've collected few of the newsletters we've sent and kept it here.
  • For my academic project, along with few classmates, designed and developed a multi-lingual programming language called Swaram.
  • Co-auhored an article for Wrox press titled: "Migrating from C++ to C#". (Soon after publishing the article in its e-zine csharptoday.com, Wrox press went out of business. Sources confirm that neither me nor the article is responsible for that).
  • Ganesh is maintaining few of our writings and presentations in his site.
  • With help from my classmates, I started an open source implementation for EPC Global's standards for RFID. We were half way thru, but then time constraints of most of us, forced us to pause. Some day or the other, the product might come out of the dark.
  • When people have no useful work to do, they blog. I'm no exception. I've a blog with all the junk contents. Visit here.