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What is an Alumnae Panhellenic (APH)?

An Alumnae Panhellenic Association is a community based organization, affiliated with National Panhellenic Conference, whose membership is composed of representative alumnae from NPC member group fraternities.

Purpose of Alumnae Panhellenics:

  • To INFORM fraternity women of current trends
  • To PROMOTE the fraternity system
  • To IMPROVE the Panhellenic image
  • To STIMULATE a continuing interest in Panhellenic affairs

At this time, there are over 200 APHs in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Based upon NPC policies, APHs set up their own organizations and carry out programs in line with their special interest or situations.

APHs enhance the fraternity system through scholarship awards, annual educational informational functions for prospective college freshman, philanthropic projects, community participation and civic leadership. Last year, over $435,000 was raised and granted in scholarships by APHs to over 580 women. If located in a college community, an APH can give valuable support to a College Panhellenic.

Alumnae Panhellenics offer alumnae of the 26 member groups of the National Panhellenic Conference further leadership and social opportunities, beyond the college years. An APH represents a n ongoing commitment of women to promote and foster the Greek experience.