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Ocean Gold Wheatgrass Juice

OceanGold™ wheatgrass juice is a powerful cleanser. When adding wheatgrass to the diet initially, you may experience cleansing/detoxification symptoms. For this reason, it is best to begin very slowly and allow the body to acclimate to this live, concentrated food. During the first few days or weeks, taking a one-half ounce dose may be advisable and it is better to take more frequent, small doses than one large dose. Also, the juice may be diluted with purified water without lessening the effects. Detoxification symptoms may include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, irritability, sleeplessness, itchy skin or scalp. The body’s purification organs need to process and purge the toxins from the body and, as this occurs, some mild and usually short-lived symptoms may be experienced. The alternative is to allow toxins to continue to accumulate—this usually will manifest as some type of degenerative condition, or  worse…
The most recognizable benefit of the consistent daily use of as little as one ounce of wheatgrass juice is a significant increase in energy and reduced sleep requirements. Overall health and well-being improves and many users report   improvements and/or the elimination of a wide diversity of chronic conditions. One ounce is suggested as a maintenance dosage of juice and it is best taken early in the morning on an empty stomach.
Makes Scents LLC began producing fresh bottled, unpasteurized, 100% pure wheatgrass juice in 2004. From that time until early 2010,  we supplied local customers as well as clients in all 50 states plus 3 continents. During this amazing journey, for which we are tremendously grateful, we have experienced and learned a great deal. If you wish to truly experience the full benefits of wheatgrass juice, please consider juicing fresh daily. We are happy to assist by either supplying you with live trays of OceanGold™ wheatgrass, or, teaching you the techniques required to grow your own of similar quality.
 If your life circumstances prevent fresh juice consumption, please consider Ocean of Gold Wheatgrass Essence—convenient, non-perishable, non-invasive—yet highly effective!

Since early 2007, we have been  producing and distributing wheatgrass essence—which among other things, is a much lighter and gentler way to experience the energizing and healing benefits of wheatgrass.  Many people wish to experience the diverse benefits of wheatgrass, yet a majority of those surveyed  can not tolerate the strong taste and detoxification properties of fresh juice. Essences, by their nature, work more directly on the non-physical body than the physical—our mental and emotional aspects.  In most cases when thoughts, feelings and emotions change, the physical body will experience benefits as well. Please visit
www.essences.com/wwes, the Worldwide Essence Society website for more information on what  essences are and how they work
Ocean of Gold Wheatgrass Essence is supplied in a base of purified, enlivened water. Suggested usage is four drops per dose under the tongue. This dose can be taken as often as desired and may be
adjusted as you feel appropriate.

Ocean of Gold Wheatgrass Essence may also be added to your drinking water. By adding four drops of essence to your water bottle and shaking the container for a few seconds, the energy signature of
Ocean of Gold Wheatgrass Essence has now charged the entire contents—what a great way to make more using less!

As is true with most, if not all essences, the results that you will experience can be magnified by setting an Intention or positive affirmation (what you wish to experience) when taking the essence.  The affirmation that came forth with the creation of this essence was “Thank you for detoxifying my mind and strengthening my connection to Spirit! Or, you may wish to chose any of the known benefits of wheatgrass listed.

Peace and Blessings on your journey!