OceanGold Solution

OceanGold, born from the life work of Dr. Maynard Murray, medical doctor, researcher and author of the book Sea Energy Agriculture. Combined with the groundbreaking and forward looking work of Rudolph Steiner and Viktor Schauberger. Steiner's gift of the biodynamic Earth healing remedies and Schauberger's insightful understanding of the energetic flow patterns of water have been combined to enhance a blend of pure energized water with Himalayan Crystal Salt. The result is a synergistic, biodynamically charged and enhanced sea mineral concentrate that supplies all naturally occurring elements (up to 92 of them) in a buffered ionic solution ready for plant uptake. Use OceanGold to enhance soil biology, balance mineral nutrients and to stimulate the soil's energetic processes.

OceanGold is formulated with ingredients and energies that come directly from nature. Nothing has been chemically altered or synthesized. The solution is concentrated,charged and enhanced by our proprietary process. All that's left to do is dilute and apply.

Our experience has shown that a final dilution of 2000 parts per million total dissolved solids is the perfect concentration to feed most plants in most applications. To achieve this concentration, simply mix ¾ ounce (one and one-half tablespoons) in one gallon of water. Leafy greens and flowers prefer slightly less concentrations: approximately 1200 to 1500 ppm.

Fruiting crops and grasses can be fed multiple times at the 2000 ppm dilution and can actually take up to 3500 ppm in certain applications.

OceanGold may be used in all types of agricultural and horticultural applications. It is being successfully used as the sole nutrient mix in hydroponic growing systems and in sprouting as well. In conventional soil growing systems, OceanGold may be used directly on the seed at planting as a soak, pop-up or lay-by. OceanGold may be used as a root drench, foliar spray, sidedress and through irrigation systems.

Soil characteristics are an important consideration when applying OceanGold. Heavy, clay based soils will hold the minerals contained in the mix. Therefore, when applying directly to the soil, only one or two applications per season are recommended. Loamy or coarse soils subject to leaching can be fed multiple times throughout the season, up to weekly applications on heavy feeding crops.

Field crops typically exhibit tremendous results from one to two applications per season. Fruits and vegetables can be fed multiple times taking into consideration soil characteristics and type of crop. Thalassa Mix performs superbly as the sole nutrient in hydroponic systems with multiple daily feedings.

OceanGold ingredients:

Himalayan Crystal Salt: 250 million year old sea mineral deposit from an ancient sea now buried in a mountain range in the Himalayas. This salt contains 84 minerals which are in balanced proportion and are complementary with pure sea water. This salt has been extensively studied for its therapeutic qualities and the findings have been described in detail in the book Water and Salt: The Essence Of Life.

Biodynamic humus from our farm

Vortex Enhanced Blessed Moon Water
Biodynamic Energies

 All of these ingredients come from nature and have not been synthesized or chemically altered, only energetically enhanced. Composts and  preparations are made according to Rudolph Steiner's original discourses and enhanced through the wisdom of Schauberger. Pure  water and  Himalayan Crystal Salt are blended together in a patented mixing device to form a super-saturate, which is seven times more concentrated than sea water. All the ingredients are then mixed in the patent-pending Vortex Brewer, to enliven, imprint and potentize the solution.

OceanGold is dedicated to the lives and work of Dr. Maynard Murray, Rudolph Steiner, and Viktor Schauberger. Special thanks and gratitude goes to Donald Jansen, who for over 20 years has kept Dr. Murray's work on Sea Energy Agriculture alive. OceanGold is a one of the products developed by Makes Scents LLC. OceanGold plantfood is a sister to Thalassa Mix. Thalassa Mix has been formulated by Stephen Storch of Natural Science Organics and Kevin Keune of Makes Scents, LLC. Both have been using  Sea Mineral enhanced products since the spring of 2006 on their respective biodynamic farms with tremendous results.

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