Thank you for visiting this website. The Offical Home of OceanGold(TM) Biodynamically grown, mineral rich, nutrient dense, raw, living foods, and the OceanGold(TM) food production system.

Biodynamic Farming

 In conventional farming, more is taken from the earth than is given back. In organic farming, the goal is to give back the same amount as is taken. In the biodynamic practice, more is given than is taken.

Human beings are a part of Nature. Once one
realizes this fundamental truth, and fulfills the responsibility of stewardship, Nature provides
with ever-increasing abundance.

OceanGold(TM) by Kevin Keune of  Makes Scents LLC is a sustainable, organic, biodynamic farm that produces in season heirloom vegetables, herbs, edible flowers and botanicals, and, year round specialty greens. Produce is value-added in many forms including, raw, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, allergen free, fermented, tinctures, vibrational essences, charged water, and energetically pure body care products. Produce is marketed to a diversity of clientele, including the area’s finest restaurants, specialty organic and health food stores, buying groups, and individuals. Only open pollinated and heirloom varieties of seasonal vegetables are grown and seed saving is practiced with great care. In view of proven principles of natural energy and the creative, formative forces of the cosmos, a biodynamically charged sea mineral complex is made here that forms the cornerstone of the agricultural practice. This assures you that OceanGold(TM) produce is of the highest quality and nutritional value available .Everything produced is inspired and motivated by the intention of healing.