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Vertical Gardening

A vertical garden can be made to look very interesting using patterns or words
Vertical Landscaping.

Positive Cycle are the experts you need to help you to establish a vertical garden that no guest to your home will ever forget. To ask Gro4U to come out and see your property click here.

Vertical gardens create character and atmosphere indoors too.

A Gro4U indoor vertical garden will remake your interior space. Bring a little of the outside inside and breathe easy in the atmosphere that only plants can provide.

Vertical Gardens are the new way to get creative in your garden.
Growing your own food is one thing but having a stylish and attractive vertical garden installed by Gro4Uis the way to create the garden you have always dreamed of.

Vertical gardens create pleasant little nooks, isolated from the noises outside because the plants are arranged in walls, blocking unsightly views and insulating sound. They also make bold displays of plants, catching the eye and dramatically improving the look and feel of your exterior or interior spaces.

The potential for decorating and arranging the space of your garden is limitless.

So many people have limited space, especially in a city like Johannesburg. Don’t despair of ever being able to fit an attractive garden on your property. A vertical garden can make you feel like you are well and truly surrounded by nature.

Get your space looking great and green by getting Gro4U to come and help.