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Heirloom seeds are yesterdays trusty old vegetables which have not been modified or hybridised in any way. These plants still have all the original qualities and nutritional values.

Indigenous plants are ones that are from within the regions boarders, they are naturally able to survive in your climate. Bear in mind that the vegetables that we eat are not all from within your boarders and are a collection from across the world, collected over many years and naturalised to our climate.

Local plants from your region are better suited to your climate. These plants have better resistance to pests and climate factors and their water requirements will complement the natural rainfall in your 

Before planting, make sure that you know how large the plants get; making sure there will be 
sufficient space for it when it matures.
Seeds verses seedlings; both have their pros and cons. Seeds are small, and can 
be difficult to plant, make sure 
they get planted at the correct depth, and must ensure that the seed does not dry out, before its new roots are deep enough.

Seedlings are a bit easier because the plant is already a few weeks old, and will grow at a faster rate. Make sure to water the hole before inserting the seedling and make sure you water them daily for the first two weeks.

Looking after your plants means following a schedule of tasks and keeping to it, because plants like 

Water more deeply, less often rather than lightly, more frequently 
because you want the roots to grow down, deep within the soil.
When you notice plant damages caused by insects, look under all the leaves, trying find the culprit, grab it and get rid of it. Using chemicals will only do long-term damage and should be avoided; controlling pests, using herbs will improve your environment.

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