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In a characteristic display of corporate responsibility from the many warm and wonderful people at Deloitte, a large accounting firm, Mveledzandhivo Primary School found itself the recipient of some very keen volunteer work. Positive Cycle was employed to bring in a level of professionalism, as even the most well intentioned community vegetable gardens can easily go awry if the know-how and experience necessary are not available. Positive Cycle planned and will oversee the establishment of a truly useful vegetable garden, providing real food security for this quaint little place. We are assisting the people there to gain experience and to learn the useful techniques we teach that control pest populations and limit or eliminate the costs involved in replenishing soil life and nutrients.

After the enthusiasm of the team from Deloitte had seen to the preparation of the many beds and the erection of the trellises, Simon became the point of focus for the Mveledzandhivo vegetable garden. He looks after the beds and sees to the garden's maintenance requirements. It is so gratifying to see how efforts such as these at Mveledzandhivo take root and grow with people like Simon. Simon has taken pains to follow the square foot planting methods taught to him by Positive Cycle and his garden is looking fantastic. At the time of writing there had been one follow up visit to the bio dynamic food growing project at Mveledzandhivo and it was plain to see that the effect of a little knowledge, and some considerable passion from all concerned, not least from Simon, goes a long way. The pictures speak for themselves.

After 2013 Deloitte Action Day at Mveledzanddivho Primary

In areas where employment opportunities are scarce and people often find themselves and their families in real need we at Positive Cycle have felt since the beginning, since the first private sector funded project we worked on, that these techniques we teach, to control pests and augment soil with the natural products of the land you are farming, are in fact revolutionary. Quality bio dynamic agricultural education can make the difference between food security and famine, between unemployment and owning a business. Yes we are a water poor nation, but that is all the more reason to develop high quality farming techniques to maximise yields with the resources we do have access to. There is much good will in South Africa, as the efforts of the remarkable Deloitte team demonstrates and as Positive Cycle can attest. Teaching people on the ground in SA to grow food effectively enough to profit by it brings us into contact with many dedicated and professional people, all trying hard to bring the South African agricultural ecology as well as the economy to a point where we can honestly say that our efforts are bearing fruit.

Simon at Mveledzandivho Primary admiring his new fence and gate built by the Positive Cycle team

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