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Urban Farm Beaulieu

An ecohydrological masterpiece designed to give back to nature and produce nutrient dense high energy endemic foods for orphans. We started off in 2014 and discovered that the rainfall was a problem in Beaulieu after a very dry summer so in Autumn 2015 we implemented a farm design which harnesses run-off no matter how minute and concentrates it for explosive results. The cycle of water can be contained on the farm along with a majority the nutrients if the design of the farm is based on naturally accruing systems. The ecohydrology design on God's Farm proved the concept over the first winter in 2015 when the cover crops sown in the last month of Autumn, May 2015 sprouted and survived the long dry winter.

Crops were chosen according to the rainfall and the soil type, and over time the soil will improve as we are bringing organic waste onto the farm to form compost and worm castings and even in places used as mulch. Fish, chickens and ducks will be employed to do work on the farm reducing the workload of the farmer, and at the same time become food for the orphans. This is one of the most basic principles of permaculture; that each element must have more than two functions, we have used this philosophy on the farm in many places with various elements.

Full pond from a few showers of rain
Spring seeding of the farm after a dry 2015 winter

Ducks have moved on to the farm now that dam is full 

The water cycle is the most important factor which most farmers ignore, water is the most vital element on any farm and if it is constructively used and cycled the farm will have a sustainable chance to out weather climate change. Planting crops which transpire less and cycle more water, which we harvest less and return more to the soil keeps the fine balance required for sustainability.

The forgotten crops of Africa which have a higher level of nutrition than the popular common spinach and cabbage are the crops of choice on this Urban Farm. Most people refer to these crops as weeds, as they naturally occur on pavements in our cities. These crops have been the native food source for centuries and only in recent times have the modern cabbage and spinach replaced them. Unfortunately modern man's desire for texture and flavour has out weighed the need for nutrition which we are learning about their importance in our modern life, for their anti aliment benefits.

Keep an eye on this farm as we unveil the mastery that Positive Cycle can do for you on your farm anywhere even in a desert!