Social Upliftment with Organic Food Growing.

Follow the links to read stories about Positive Cycle's determined efforts all around gauteng province. We believe that repairing the ecosystem, the economy and people's lives all go hand in hand with each other.

Positive Cycle is a socially responsible organic food growing company. Offering consultative services as well as installations, training and coaching of sustainable organic farms.

The vision out of which Positive Cycle began is one of total commitment to the concept of sustainable micro economic agriculture. Put simply, Positive Cycle is committed to doing everything possible to move society towards an awareness that it is not only possible to grow your own food but a very good idea in terms of cost and also quality of life.

Helping communities to grow food is probably the best possible way to assist with the problems associated with poverty.

Positive Cycle has installed mini farms or training facilities to help people learn how to grow food sustainably in several settings.

Malibongwe pre primary school is an example of successful organic food gardening. The preschool had been encountering severe problems providing their children with enough to eat. Many of the children were from poor families.

The Malibongwe garden reduced the school's food costs to virtually nil. Even without the other benefits like an improved natural environment and the obvious educational applications of watching just how plants grow, that is a success story. The community member most involved with the project at Malibongwe pre primary went on to establish a successful vegetable garden of their own with the knowledge acquired from assisting Positive Cycle to establish the Malibongwe garden.

It isn't always so simple. Positive Cycle is able to help with expertise but no one company can provide all of the funding required. Regrettably, the Positive Cycle effort to establish a training facility at Hammanskraal, so positive to begin with, came to an end when the funding dried up.

Working on community upliftment projects is like that, sometimes there just isn't enough money to address the glaringly obvious problems so many poor communities face.

Another success has been the project to provide Lesabe Primary School with not only a stunning vegetable garden, but a repaired ecosystem too. In addition to the landscaping and soil analysis necessary for the new vegetable gardens at the school several indigenous plants and animals were also released into the area, helping to control pest populations and also to educate locals about some helpful creatures that have traditionally been regarded with fear and suspicion.

If you are interested in working with Positive Cycle, to uplift communities with organic food growing know how, do not hesitate to contact us.

Your sponsorship may be vital to the transformation needed in South Africa and using a company like Positive Cycle to manage projects like those mentioned above is a secure and noteworthy way to ensure your efforts are not wasted.

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