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Living Signs

Signs made out of living plants.
Planting a living sign

Positive cycle builds living signs to order. This is a new era of environmental consciousness and businesses are changing the way they present themselves. Aside from environmental responsibility a living sign makes all the difference to companies who need to make themselves more visible. How much chromadek and other more traditional sign boards were we planning to put up anyway? Try a new kind of sign, a living sign. Click here to communicate with Positive Cycle Living Signs

Living Signs create a visual impact.
Insert image here. (the one of you planting, the one that looks decent.)

A living sign creates visual impact like no other sign. People who experience your brand name on a living sign don't forget about it in a hurry. The cool feeling and greenery of living signs is a unique advertisement at the moment, not many companies have them. It's new and fresh and an opportunity for your company to get on board with a really hot new concept in advertising.

The message the public receives when viewing a living sign is conveyed in a manner that dramatically improves upon the performance of traditional signs. There is a certain atmosphere around a living sign, not least because of the water feeding the plant's root systems. The whole space living signs feels more attractive.

Advertise your business with life.

If you want your company's name to be associated with growth, if you think creating your brand name in living plants is a way to communicate what your business is all about, then talk to Positive Cycle. Insert link to
Living signs say a lot about your business contact page here