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Food growing secrets

We visit your vegetable garden, and give it the attention it needs, when it needs it, we help you to get the rewards from improved results in your garden. Our speciality is with the edible plants, but we can also assist with other plants in your garden.

Plant feeding
Not all plants require the same food at the same time of the year. Some plants require flowering food and others require foliage food while there are some that prefer root food. Do not forget that we feed the “little guys” the bacteria and fungi's and not the plants; this way of feeding allows the effects to last longer and ensures a happy, balanced ecosystem.

Pest control
Pest control starts with companion planting and natural deterrents, inviting predators in to manage the pest populations. Only when the pests threaten to get out of control, do we implement an environmentally friendly pest control solution, a repellent substance, something natural, which persuades them to move along to another garden. When we spray for pests, we also feed the plants with natural products to improve plant health and cause the plants to taste unpleasant to pests.(but delicious to us!)

Knowing when to do what to each plant requires a keen understanding of the plant. Pruning can be used to stimulate or control plant growth. Good pruning will define plants and produce the ultimate results. Different plants need pruning at different times of the year for different reasons. We know what your plants needs done and when we finish the plants look healthier.

Your plants offer different things and knowing what to harvest and when is essential for the best results.

If you would like Gro4U to maintain your garden contact us for a consultation.