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Passion, dedication and a commitment to organic excellence.

A love of gardening and a passion for environmentally friendly methods drive the GRO4U service. To grow your vegetables for you and share knowledge about organic gardening and just how nature works with us if we let it is our vision.  

The GRO4U team are folks who enjoy sharing what they know with new organic vegetable gardeners every day. Having a garden installed by GRO4U is like a wonderful adventure along the road to becoming enlightened about permaculture, organic planting and gardening in general.

Gro4U installs perfectly balanced vegetable gardens.

Calling GRO4U garden service to turn your own garden space into a well ordered, productive and environmentally friendly vegetable garden that will wow your family and make your friends jealous makes the perfect addition to your family home.

Practical, beautiful and environmentally responsible a GRO4U garden makes a perfect gift for your spouse and a healthy, tasty addition to your dinner table.

While specialising in edible plants, the dynamic GRO4U team also takes on designer gardening as and when required, enjoying the opportunity to plant additional biodiversity and create beautiful garden areas.

There are many secrets to the gardening trade, like which plants attract which species of pollinators or pest or prey species.GRO4U shares these secrets in their passion to help nature find a balance.

Designing and installing vegetable gardens according to the best principles of permaculture, maintaining vegetable gardens and dispensing advice on gardens with a smile all the way, GRO4U is responsible for a great deal of the environmentally responsible gardening in Johannesburg and we feel proud of our contribution to organic gardening in Gauteng Province.

GRO4U maintains gardens on a regular basis, ensuring soil balance and nourishing the soil where necessary. The companion planting method and an array of environmentally friendly techniques are used to clear your garden of pests. This also has the effect of making a garden look beautiful. The diversity of plants is not only useful for the vegetables but also so attractive it is reminiscent of designer gardens.

Get GRO4U to come and see my garden as soon as possible!.

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If you are looking for help in the Cape contact our sister company : Urban Harvest

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