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Dry Land Farmer Training

The art of dry land farming is not the easiest but can be done profitably, dry land farmers rely on the annual rainfall to irrigate their crops. We use grazing and foraging animals in combination with low water demanding crops to develop the soil and control the pests. The soil developing crops are also foraging crops for the animals so the cost of feeding is very low and for a short time in the beginning. The foraging crops are very drought resistant which allows them to weather the drought. 

    30% higher yields, healthier animals and greener farms

The technique we teach and will use on our new farm has been proven and is being done around the globe on millions of hectares and wherever it is done the farm greens up magically and the farmer never looks back. Farmers get 30% higher yields, healthier animals and greener farms. Who wouldn't want that?  

If you are an investor and want to invest in farming we have the plan for you (LEARN MORE)

Our training is accredited with AgriSETA and takes the learner from ground zero to profitable business planning, we walk the learner through the process so they can apply for a loan and we then coach and mentor the emerging farmer so they become profitable in short a time to ensure good ROI (return on investment) 

  1. Where is the training centre?
    • Groot Marico Northwest
    • There is a bus route that passes us
  2. How do we book for a course?
    • Email bookings@positivecycle.co.za with your details and we will begin the conversation
  3. What is all covered in the courses?
    • Farm design
    • Business planning
    • Animal husbandry
    • Nursery 
    • Plant physiology
    • Crop care
    • Harvesting and storage
  4. What is the duration of the course?
    • The main course takes one year
    • There are also mini courses, one week each that only touch on basics
  5. How will Positive Cycle assist farmers?
    • The shining stars that emerge from the one your course will have their business plans exposed to investors who want to help you get started
    • Positive Cycle will help you to market your product to its ever expanding market demand