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Welcome to the Positive Cycle website. 

We train and coach emerging farmers to grow natural organic full flavour food, on a bio-dynamic farm. Using environmentally sound and healthy techniques, Positive Cycle will help you to achieve the green stamp of approval from the organic certifying authorities, using a sound business model worth investing in.

Let Positive Cycle help. We offer:

  • Dry land farming to weather the drought (We have the plans for farmers to improve their results even during a drought)
  • Workshops and lessons(Learn how to grow bio-dynamically and get hands-on experience on The Food Forest Farm in Groot Marico or at the AgriHub @ Riversands Incubation Hub)  
  • Social Upliftment (Positive Cycle is a key player in sponsored efforts to uplift and educate communities with food growing projects, providing skills and support, resulting in happy, healthy and economically empowered people to continue projects initiated by Positive Cycle) 
  • Invest in farms (Are you interested in growing your money naturally we have a good business model with great ROI)