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Do you know about the cost benefits of growing your own food?

Do you know that growing your own food is environmentally responsible?

It's easy to get a GRO4U team at your home or business, professionally preparing and planting your bio-dynamic garden.

Using environmentally sound and healthy techniques, Positive Cycle will help you to achieve the green lifestyle.

It's a common problem, you want fresh organic greens, but you don't have the time.

Let Positive Cycle help. We offer:

  • Gro4U installation and maintenance of vegetable gardens. (edible landscaping, make your garden edible and incredible)

  • Positive Cycle Training Company workshops and lessons.(Learn how to grow bio-dynamically and get hands on experience in the Positive Cycle garden in Auckland Park where you can taste organic fresh produce)
  • Social Upliftment (Positive Cycle is a key player in sponsored efforts to uplift and educate communities with food growing projects, providing skills and support, leaving happy, healthy and economically empowered people to continue projects initiated by Positive Cycle)
  • Food waste and garden waste recycling Positive Cycle is helping to develop an understanding of the nutrient cycles and how important this phenomenon is to the creation of a sustainable future. Putting vital nutrients back into the soil is the most cost effective way of putting high quality nutrition into the growing bodies and minds of young South Africans. 

Winner 2015 Gender Mainstreaming Awards

Positive Cycle was born out of a sincere concern for the natural environment and for the future of humankind. We firmly believe that growing plants, indeed, growing a culture of plant awareness, represents a significant part of the solution to our present day problems with the environment.

Positive Cycle envisions a world just like the one we have today, only covered in plants. Imagine how soft, beautiful and not to mention nutritious everything would be if every person felt they had a responsibility to grow plants. A simple solution that solves a myriad problems.

Positive Cycle is also proudly involved in sponsored efforts to educate learners and improve the environment at previously disadvantaged schools. We invite anyone interested in helping us to bring the light of food plant knowledge and microeconomics to the South Africans who need the most help to contact us, we are always ready to listen.

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