What We Do

  We support teacher candidates from the island of Kaua`i who participate in the University of Hawai`i's teacher credentialing degree program for neighbor islands that allows the student to complete coursework online with minimum disruption of the student's family life on Kaua`i.  This program allows students to become fully credentialed teachers while maintaining family and cultural ties to the Kaua`i community they serve.

Clearing the Highest Hurdle

  Being a teacher candidate, one faces many hurdles with the school workload combined with family responsibilities and often having to hold down a full time job.  The highest hurdle comes in the final semester in which the student is not allowed to have any other employment while interning in a classroom.  This puts enormous pressure on the student.  Without a grant, these very strong candidates would not be able to finish their program and we as a community would lose very well-qualified teachers.