What do you want to be when you grow up? What are your plans after high school? What are your career aspirations? 

It's likely that you've been asked one, if not all of these questions at least once before. Maybe you've been thinking and dreaming about your future career for a long time, or maybe you still have no ideas. Maybe you are feeling pressure to set goals and make plans for your future, but are feeling a bit lost in the process.

Making career decisions can be exciting, confusing, and sometimes terrifying!

In this WebQuest, you'll have a chance to self-reflect and think about careers you might have previously neglected to consider: careers in the agriculture and food sector! Why think about a career in agri-food? Opportunities in this sector abound! 1 in 8 jobs in Canada is tied to the agri-food sector. Over 2.3 million people work in a broad range of agri-food careers. Agri-food employees use cutting edge technology, innovate to accommodate the world's growing population, and put delicious food on our plates every day! Get ready to explore the possibilities, you might be surprised by what you discover!

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    This template was created by Patricia McGee and Deborah Claxton from the work of Bernie Dodge.