Farmgrass Medical Relief Fund

We are happy to announce that disbursements from GroACT's under-insured farmer medical relief fund are now available for eligible applicants. 
Farming is hard, physically demanding work with no medical benefits provided, and not all of us can afford adequate healthcare. 
If a current GroACT grower has an accident or illness that is becoming costly, they may fill out the application below to see if the incident/situation qualifies them for a grant.

Here is a list of qualifications:
- Must be a GroACT member or
- Have an immediate household family member (spouse/ partner, children) whose medical costs are the grower's responsibility.
- Grower must either be under-insured, unable to pay insurance deductible, or losing sales due to injury or illness. 
- Grants are typically issued up to $5,000, but larger amounts will be considered in extreme circumstances.

Our enormous gratitude goes out to the coordinators and contributors of Farmgrass, who have generously raised more than $30,000 for this program from their bluegrass festivals and  other fundraising events since 2014.  Many farmers have benefited from this partnership. 

Click the link to find out
 more about FARMGRASS FEST and its hard-working team.

Farmgrass Fest & Fundraising Efforts

April 2014- Farmgrass Fest '14  Simmons Family Farm, Neiderwald 

May 2015- Farmgrass Fest '15  Simmons Family Farm, Neiderwald 

March 2016 Farm to Feast, a production of Farmgrass Fest, Tillery Place 

May 2016- Farmgrass Fest '16  Simmons Family Farm, Neiderwald   
March 2017 Farm to Feast, a production of Farmgrass Fest, Barr Mansion
May 2017- Farmgrass Fest '17 Simmons Family Farm, Neiderwald 

**grants available as funds are available**

Gro-ACT Medical Relief Form