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GroACT  is open to any grower who is:
*farming a minimum of one acre
*earning a minimum of  $5,000 per year in sales (e.g., making a living farming)
*growing vegetables, meat, eggs, herbs, and flowers or other agricultural products
*marketing to the Austin area- within 150 miles of Austin area
*own the farm or own the business that leases the farm, or a direct family member of farm owner

Signing up for the listserv below and meeting all listed qualifications above is all you need to do to become a member of GroACT at this time.

Membership is free and includes:
* Access to the growers only listserv. Here you can post questions, collaborate on bulk purchase orders with other growers, or just "talk about the weather". 
* Access to the GroACT emergency medical relief fund in times of need (up to $5,000 in relief for members)
* Grower only pot lucks 
* Free promotion, all members on the listserv are listed on our Active Alliance Member page

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