Sponsored by the Literary Community of Grove Hill


The Literary Community of Grove Hill invites you to visit

The Grove Hill Public Library.

There  you will find books, and computers, and super fast WiFi.

The Literary Community of Grove Hill is pleased that the library uses an online catalog. 

Especially in recent weeks, patrons have continued to search for what is available from the Grove Hill Library. 

Many borrow digital books by using the online catalog. 

The June 18 issue of The Clarke County Democrat announced that Megan Autry and Haley Wilson will distribute reading packages for the library’s summer reading program. The packages will be passed out in front of the library on June 25 between 9 a.m. and noon. Reading materials will be offered for children to take home. Some goodies to eat, too!


Around 1999, Marion Bumpers examined the mailing addresses for the library’s patrons. She found patrons from fifteen Zip Codes. Consider the map of ZIP codes in and around Clarke County. Add to this the recent announcement about the number of digital books borrowed from the library. One comes to understand the large area in which readers are depending on The Grove Hill Public Library. Even when it is closed. Even on Saturday and Sunday.


The Grove Hill Book Club is reading Lief Enger's book titled Virgil Wander for June. This book is available as a digital book in Clarke's libraries through Camellia.net. While we are not meeting physically, we continue to enjoy working together searching for good reading material which we read as a literary community. The book for August will be chosen in early July by Dick Dixon. 

A friend of Grove Hill sent a photo of a collection of books. The collection provides a bit of  humor. While permission to share the photo was given, permission to show the name of the person who sent the photo was not requested. To see the photo, look in the blue box on the upper left of this page and click on the words Book Lover's Humor.

Two patrons of the Grove Hill Public Library have written a history of this library for the period between 1939 and 2011. This document has been submitted to the editors of the Clarke County Historical Society Quarterly for publication. When it is published, this history document will be made also available from this site.

On March 12, 2020, an article in the Clarke County Democrat stated that Grove Hill patrons were checking out electronic books at the rate of between three to five books a day. A photo in that article of Librarian Betsy West seemed to show her pleasure that the Library Board decided to provide this huge collection of library material to the library's patrons.

The Grove Hill Library recognizes how popular the book Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens is.

There is a paper copy, twenty-seven audio copies, and forty-three digital  copies that can be borrowed from the Grove Hill Library. 

On June 2, 2020, all the copies are checked out except the paper copy. Call 251 275 8157 for curbside service. Search at 

                     https://grovehill.biblionix.com/catalog/ .

Did you know that you can borrow DVD's from the Grove Hill Library?

Go to https://grovehill.biblionix.com/catalog/

and search with the  three letters DVD.  You will find more than 280 movies for you to watch

DVD movies  are free to borrow from the Grove Hill Library!

Why not borrow


The story is based on the best-selling book by

Khaled Hosseini.

Readers of literature for young people all over the English speaking world

know and love this book.

It is a classical in libraries.

The Grove Hill Library has the book and the associated DVD.

Author: Rudyard Kipling. Check them out!

See how great The Grove Hill Library's online card catalog is.

You do this by clicking on the next line:

Go to the Online Catalog .

Do this, and  you will find printed and electronic books available for patrons.

MORE IMPORTANT, you can check out and read an electronic book just like you are reading this.

Go to that catalog site to reserve books, to renew books, and to get a gentle reminder should you have a book due.

If you prefer to go directly to the electronic books, click here:     go to the  e-books catalog

The Grove Hill Library has joined with the two largest Clarke County Public Libraries to form
The Clarke County Librarians Association.
This Association produces a monthly newsletter about literary events in Clarke County.
To get a copy, send an email message to Ben Reading whose address is

Here are four physical books recommended by
The Literary Community of Grove Hill
back in February, 2017.

And, here are four  electronic books recommended.
If  you don't know how to download an electronic book, ask your librarian for help.

To begin to explore       go to the online catalog    and search with George Washington.
The Grove Hill Public Library is located at 108 Dubose Avenue
across the street from the Clarke County High School.
Phone: 251 275 8157
Email: betsywest43@yahoo.com

Visit your Grove Hill Library between 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM.

Other Clarke County Library web pages are here:

The Thomasville Public Library is found at

 The White Smith Memorial Library in Jackson is found at

The Honor Shelf Program is sponsored by the Friends of the Library.
are placed on library shelves in memory of or to honor people and organizations.
Honor shelves
may be purchased at the library or from any member of the Friends of the Library.
the beginning of Summer, 2013, one hundred fifty-nine shelves have been sold and installed.