Sponsored by the Literary Community of Grove Hill


The Literary Community of Grove Hill invites you to visit

The Grove Hill Public Library.

There  you will find books, and computers, and super fast WiFi.


A library patron found that the Merck Manual is available from the Grove Hill Library online. He expresses his thanks to the library staff for making this important document available even when the library is closed. See the image on the left, or go to 


There you will also see new books scrolling across the screen.

The Grove Hill Library recognizes how popular the book Light Between the Oceans is.

There is a paper copy, twelve electronic copies, and three audio copies available. 

On May 20, 2017, all the copies are checked out except the paper copy – a testament to the new norm for reading. Search at 


Also, the movie is available from Netflix.

Did you know that you can borrow DVD's from the Grove Hill Library?

Go to https://grovehill.biblionix.com/catalog/

and search with the  three letters DVD.  You will find more than 280 movies for you to watch

DVD movies  are free to borrow from the Grove Hill Library!

Why not borrow


The story is based on the best-selling book by

Khaled Hosseini.

Readers of literature for young people all over the English speaking world

know and love this book.

It is a classical in libraries.

The Grove Hill Library has the book and the associated DVD.

Author: Rudyard Kipling. Check them out!

To see the movie may cost you a buck or two.

To read the book is absolutely free.

Check out the book at the Grove Hill Library!

The Literary Community of Grove Hill

is pleased that the Grove Hill Public Library has made


  eight copies of Hidden Figures either as audio books or as electronic books.

These are available both as books for young reader and for mature readers.

Thank  you, Grove Hill Library for making this Best Seller

available for your patrons.

This is a thrilling book of drama and bravery.

It’s so exciting, the pages almost turn themselves.

Thanks to the Grove Hill Library for making this available for  young people.

And for adults, too!

Borrow this book as an electronic or audio book.

The Literary Community of Grove Hill
is especially proud
that our library uses the online catalog
Apollo by Biblionix.
This online catalog has received
two awards in 2017:
The Modern Library Product of the Year Award
and, for small libraries,
First Place in the International Survey of Library Automation.

Congratulations to the Library Board for this important decision for our patrons.

See how great The Grove Hill Library's online card catalog is.

You do this by clicking on the next line:

Go to the Online Catalog .

Do this, and  you will find printed and electronic books available for patrons.

MORE IMPORTANT, you can check out and read an electronic book just like you are reading this.

Go to that catalog site to reserve books, to renew books, and to get a gentle reminder should you have a book due.

If you prefer to go directly to the electronic books, click here:     go to the  e-books catalog

The Grove Hill Library has joined with the two largest Clarke County Public Libraries to form
The Clarke County Librarians Association.
This Association produces a monthly newsletter about literary events in Clarke County.
To get a copy, send an email message to Ben Reading whose address is

To the Bright Edge of the World is an exciting book that will be discussed in a public meeting on February 28.
Ask the librarian about being a part of this discussion.

Here are four physical books recommended by
The Literary Community of Grove Hill
for February, 2017.

And, here are four  electronic books recommended.
If  you don't know how to download an electronic book, ask your librarian for help.

To begin to explore       go to the online catalog    and search with George Washington.
The Grove Hill Public Library is located at 108 Dubose Avenue
across the street from the Clarke County High School.
Phone: 251 275 8157
Email: betsywest43@yahoo.com

Visit your Grove Hill Library between 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM.

Other Clarke County Library web pages are here:

The Thomasville Public Library is found at

 The White Smith Memorial Library in Jackson is found at

The Honor Shelf Program is sponsored by the Friends of the Library.
Plaques are placed on library shelves in memory of or to honor people and organizations.
Honor shelves
may be purchased at the library or from any member of the Friends of the Library.
the beginning of Summer, 2013, one hundred fifty-nine shelves have been sold and installed.