**** Grove Parish Council Allotment Awards

This award will be available as soon as we have a normal summer show

 Division J : Class 88      The ‘Best Allotment Produce’ Trophy 

This award is made by Grove Parish Council for the best collection 

of five different types of vegetables and/or fruit and/or flowers that have

 been grown on an allotment rented from Grove Parish Council.

Entries for this Award will be judged by and external judge at the 

Summer Show.

You may decide to enter 3 types of vegetables, one type of fruit and one 

type of flower OR you may decide on 3 types of fruit and 2 types of 

vegetables … the choice of any five types is yours!

The quantity of each type of produce is given in brackets :


·         Large brassicas such as cabbage and cauliflower (1)

·         Root vegetables such as carrots, onions, parsnips and potatoes 

        (3 of same variety)

·         Legumes such as peas and beans (6 of same variety)

·         Tomatoes and chillies etc (6 of same variety)

·         Large curbits such as marrows and pumpkins (1)

·         Smaller curbits such as squashes, cucumbers and courgettes 

      (2 of same variety)

·         Hard fruit such as apples and pears (3 of same variety)

·         Soft fruit such as raspberries, blackberries, redcurrants 

      (6 of same variety)

·         Flowers (3 stems of same variety)


●  Each type of vegetable, fruit and/or flower will be judged out of a total 

  of 10 points. 4 points for condition, 3 points for size shape and colour, 

 3 points for uniformity. 

The overall mark will therefore be out of a total of 50.


●  All produce should be shown for effect. The produce must be displayed

   within an area measuring 45 x 78 cm (18” x 30”) without bending any 

  of them. No part of any exhibit may exceed the size of the area.


●  The entries will be judged by an external show judge.


●  The winner of this award will receive from Grove Parish Council, 

  a trophy and a £25 voucher. The runner-up will receive a £15 voucher 

  and third place will receive a £10 voucher.


●  Entry into this particular class is free. To enter, please fill out your

   details below and send the slip to either :-         

   David Gregory, 77 Mayfield Avenue, Grove OX12 7ND  Or to :-

    Felicity Hill, 14 Woodhill Drive, Grove OX12 0DF

    before 9:30 pm on the Thursday before the show. 


● Old Mill Hall will be open at 8.00 am on the day of the show for

 exhibitors to arrange their produce which will be judged from 10.30 am

 onwards. Prize giving will be around 4.00 pm.



Entry Form for the ‘Best Allotment Produce’ Trophy

Division J : Class 88



Name of Entrant ______________________________ (No entry fee required)


Telephone No. _______________________   Allotment Number __________


Millbridge or Village Hall Site? _________________________________ 

There is a downloadable link at the bottom of this page (below the

 'subpages' double lines. Just tap it and it will open for printing.    



                Presentation of Trophy and Prizes will be around 4.00 pm.

You can print out the PDF file below to enter

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