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 Interesting links:

Recycle Zone - lots of games and interesting environmental information.

You are the scientists of the future, where will you get our energy from? Some ideas here.
Speaking of global warming, are cow farts a problem or not? You can make up your own mind by looking here.

National Geographic has loads of activities, pictures and movies to watch.

Welcome to the Grove Chemistry KS3 web page.

Science is all about asking questions and then finding out an answer by doing experiments.
Throughout history, scientists have done this, relying on the evidence of their experiments to make new theories.
So, if you have a question, why not discuss with your teacher how you might find out the answer in a scientific way.

Click in the links below for homework, revision and fun.

Kitchen Chemistry:
Click to view a short clip of Heston Blumenthal talking about the science of salt in cooking (low quality high quality). This will help to set the scene for your investigation.

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Y8 Ready to learn (click ‘on-line' activities)
Y7 Whacky science activities.

BBC bitesize
Squashed Frogs
Find out more about the history of sciencehere and here.
Search the web with ask for kids.

Experiments to try at home:

Before you start any of these experiments, please ask an adult for permission. Thanks!

Click here for loads of experiments. For example, you can find out how to make a bazooka (!) and how to run your iPod off a lemon!

Try the web and kitchen investigations here.

This website has 5 experiments you can try in your kitchen - one even involves making ice cream!

Don’t have much money? Never mind, you can have alot of fun with some pennies (or 2p coins) by clicking here