The ARNA Action Research Communities (ARCs)

Global Collaborations is the newest ARC.

New ARCs are established as the needs and interests of ARNA members evolve. At present we have six groups (listed below). The average time per month for involvement in an ARNA ARC (based on anecdotal evidence from current participants): 4-16 hours. This is an excellent service involvement for people in higher education and a wonderful networking and leadership experience for all.  To join one of the ARCs listed, contact the facilitator and to create a new group contact Candace Kaye, ARC Coordinator and/or Rachel Sherman from the ARNA Leadership. 

June, 2015 

Hi there ARCs,
  • There will be posted ARC news each month beginning in July on this page.  For each of the ARC groups, please contact me at <> if you wish to have something in the monthly news. 
  • I am wanting to update the membership and facilitators in each of the six groups. I will be attempting to contact a member/facilitator from each group to check in during the summer. Also I'd like for a member/facilitator of each group to please contact me by September 15, 2015 with the current list of members and facilitators [with emails]. At this time, all ARCs are considered Active.  
til next time,

September, 2015

Hi ARCs,
The ARNA Action Research Communities (ARCs) were inactive during the summer - therefore no updates for July and August. I do hope this meant a wonderful summer for all! 

As we enter Fall 2015, I do hope all ARCs are ready to be involved in the myriad of possibilities that are possible through networking within each of our six communities.  

As requested in June, I'd still like a member/facilitator of each ARC group to contact me <> with the current list of members and facilitators [with emails]. If you would like to participate in an ARC, please contact Rachel Sherman at <>


Action Research Communities (ARCs)

Early Childhood Education Active Candace Kaye, USA (Co-Facilitator)
Mina Kim, USA (Co-Facilitator)
School Counseling Active
Mica Nereu, USA (Member)
Morgan Urbany, USA (Coordinator)
Lonnie Rowell, USA (Member)
School Leadership Active Fabiola Bagula, USA (Facilitator)
Randy Ziegenfuss, USA (Member)
Teacher Education Active Holly Marich (co-facilitator)
Connie DiLucchio (co-facilitator)
Heather Leaman (co-facilitator)
Indigenous People's Knowledge Active Danielle Blair
Ruth Beatty
Environmental Education Active Ruben Amaya
Sara Garcia
Global Collaborations  Active Lonnie Rowell (Co-Facilitator)
Candace Kaye (Co-Facilitator)
 Interdisciplinary Health Care ARCNancy Murphy
If you are a member of ARNA and wish to participate in one of the ARCs shown above, please contact Rachel Sherman at The ARCs provide unique opportunities for in-the-trenches participation in creating the first action research network covering the entire Western Hemisphere, 8700 miles (14,00 km) from south to north.
Join ARNA, join one of ARCs, and make a difference!