"Mus"letter February 2017

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Recital DATE - Oct 29, 2017, Sunday

So far these are the recital pieces. Please let me know what you want to play by Feb 15 to participate in Recital.

A Thousand Years

Canon in D

Flight of the Bumble Bee


Mountain Trail

Oh Susanna

Pink Panther

River Flows in You

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

William Overtune

You are Welcome

Blue Danube waltz

The power of practice

I like to show you the power of practice in three videos:




Lesson #

Video One

11 minutes

Oct 7, 2016


“There is Nothing Like a Circus”

This is a masterpiece for this level to perform! Watch till the end, mom asked me to play it so that Mei can hear the whole piece in 40 seconds. This video is 11 minutes long but it worth every second to listen to! Noticed that I never tell my student what is the name of the notes, she supposed to figure out herself. That is why ALL my students read notes! It is my pride to tell everyone that I produce independent learners, not COPYCATS in my studio!

Video Two

2 minutes 26 seconds

Oct 14, 2016


Performing “There is Nothing like Circus” after one week of practice at home. She finished it in 2 minutes and 26 seconds

Video Three

1 minutes 22 seconds

Oct 21, 2016


Performing “There is Nothing like Circus” after two week of practice at home. She finished it in 1 minute and 22 seconds.

Conclusion, when student practice at home, it will bring down the duration of performing a same song. It is a teacher’s job to make sure student understands everything before she goes home. At the other hand, it is a student’s responsibility to practice diligently at home and make the song smooth and up to the performance speed. If you watch until the end of the video one, you will see I play the same song in 40 seconds. That means the performing speed for this song is 40 seconds, that means it is student’s responsibility to reduce the duration from 11 minutes to 40 seconds. At a second week, Mei can perform it in 2 minutes 26 seconds. She is better than 11 minutes ( a lot better) but she is not as good as me yet. At the third week, she can perform the song in 1 minute and 22 seconds. That is pretty good for a 5 year old girl who only had piano lesson for 67 times!

Again, a piano teacher’s job is to teach how to read notes, how to decode the musical notes, how to play correctly. A piano student's job is to practice diligently at home until the muscle memory sets in and the music can FLOW. Just like the athletic, if you want the muscle on your feet to grow, you need to go to gym YOURSELF and work on your muscle. Your coach cannot do it for you.

Are Music Lessons Tax Deductible?

If you suspect your kid is a perfectionist, here is a great resources for you:

They also have others in the series such as Anxiety, Negativity, Anger Management etc…..

Please do not write ABCDEFG on your kids’ piano book, they supposed to learn to decode it. If you write, they will depend on this aid and become handicap. Even if you do not write it, while practice, don’t tell your kids which note to play. If you practice with your kid at home, you keep telling her which note to play next in the music, they cannot learn how to read music, they will just learned to depend on you. If your kid ask you what is the notes, ask them to figure out themselves. I gave you the tools, they should use it.