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Groupon Says

Available Requests

GET /groupon_says

  • Get a list of recent (or random) Groupon Says commentaries.


  • http://api.groupon.com/v2/groupon_says{.json|.xml}


  • JSON
  • XML

Authentication Required?

  • No

URL Parameters

  • client_id
    • The api key that identifies your client
    • Example: cee15b12a7518bdf220a92234996195db4639614
  • limit (required)
    • maximum of 20 at the same time
    • Example: 10
  • random (optional)
    • If set to true, will return a random collection of Groupon Says commentaries; otherwise response objects will be sorted by date of creation, most recent first.
    • Default: false

Console with Example