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Available Requests

GET /channels/<channel-id>/deals
  • Returns an unsorted list of deals that are currently launched for a specific channel.




  • JSON
  • XML

Authentication Required

  • No

URL Parameters

  • client_id
    • The api key that identifies your client
    • Example: cee15b12a7518bdf220a92234996195db4639614
  • show
    • Determines which values should be returned
    • Possible values: default | all | comma-separated list
  • omit_sponsor_html
    • Prevents header like Expedia logo from appearing at the top of deal descriptions.

UTM parameters (in URL)

Optional parameters for google utm tracking. If specified, the utm parameters sent with the request will be appended to the deal_url that is returned in the API response. utm_source, utm_medium and utm_campaign are all required for utm tracking to work. See this post for more details.
  • utm_source (optional)
    • This is the source of the link Example: Search Engine, another domain, or name of email list
    • Required utm parameter
  • utm_medium (optional)
    • This is the method of delivery. EX: Postcard, Email, or Banner Ad
    • Required utm parameter
  • utm_campaign (optional)
    • This is a name that helps you keep track of your different campaign efforts Example: Fall_Drive, Christmas_Special
    • Required utm parameter
  • utm_term (optional)
    • This is a used to identify paid keywords. Example: speakers, monitors, shoes
    • Optional utm parameter
  • utm_content (optional)
    • This is for split testing or separating two ads that go to the same URL
    • Optional utm parameter
  • referral_id (optional)
    • This will set the appropriate utm parameters for a user to receive Groupon credit

Response Elements

The following describes specific elements on the response
  • status (enumerated type)
    • The status of a deal depends on several factors (availability, or date and time)
      • open (deal is available for purchase, and currently active)
      • closed (deal is not active, has sold out, or otherwise not available for purchase)
  • customFields
    • For some deal options, an additional free-form text field is available/required for users to fill in.
      • required (an order for this option cannot be saved without custom_field_value)
      • type (either email or other, if email, the custom_field_value in an order must be proper form)
      • label (the question to be displayed to the user on the order form)
  • type (enumerated type)
    • Deals can be created by groupon or by merchants directly.  Merchants have the option of having their deals more highly promoted by groupon.com.  There are three values that represent these different types of deals.
      • groupon
      • merchant
      • promoted-merchant
  • tags (enumerated type)
    • The "tag" or "category for a specific deal.
    • A full list of the possible values can be found here.
  • channels
    • Deals from certain categories can be promoted through Channels.   If a specified deal belongs to one or more existing channels channels array will contain channel's name and id to indicate this relationship.  Example:"channels": [{"name": "Getaways","id": "getaways"}]

Sample Request

GET /v2/channels/getaways/deals?client_id=cee15b12a7518bdf220a92234996195db4639614&show=title,status,largeImageUrl,mediumImageUrl,isTipped,tippingPoint,endAt,dealUrl,merchant,isSoldOut,tippedAt,soldQuantity,options,announcementTitle,tags HTTP/1.1"

Sample Response

  "deals": [
      "mediumImageUrl": "https://secure-assets.grouponcdn.com/images/site_images/1567/9902/Newport-Beachside-Resort_Primary_profile.jpg",
      "isTipped": true,
      "title": "Two- or Three-Night Stay for Up to Four in a One-Bedroom Oceanfront Suite at Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort in Greater Miami ",
      "tags": [
          "name": "Travel"
          "name": "Resorts"
      "id": "ga-a-newport-beachside",
      "tippingPoint": 10,
      "largeImageUrl": "https://secure-assets.grouponcdn.com/images/site_images/1567/9902/Newport-Beachside-Resort_Primary.jpg",
      "endAt": "2011-09-16T03:59:59Z",
      "dealUrl": "http://www.groupon.com/deals/ga-a-newport-beachside",
      "merchant": {
        "websiteUrl": "http://www.newportbeachsideresort.com/",
        "name": "Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort",
        "id": "newport-beachside-hotel-resort"
      "soldQuantity": 964,
      "isSoldOut": false,
      "tippedAt": "2011-09-06T11:23:26Z",
      "status": "open",
      "announcementTitle": "Oceanfront Packages Near Vibrant Miami Beach",
      "options": [
          "buyUrl": "https://www.groupon.com/deals/ga-a-newport-beachside/confirmation?pledge_id=684185",
          "price": {
            "formattedAmount": "$259.00",
            "amount": 25900,
            "currencyCode": "USD"
          "customFields": [

          "maximumPurchaseQuantity": 4,
          "discount": {
            "formattedAmount": "$318.00",
            "amount": 31800,
            "currencyCode": "USD"
          "remainingQuantity": 153,
          "details": [
              "description": "Must complete travel by 12/22/11. Limit 2 per person, may buy 2 additional as gifts. Limit 2 per visit. Valid only for option purchased. Must cancel by 3PM on the day prior to arrival or fee up to one-half Groupon price may apply for 2-night option; one-third Groupon price for 3-night option. Credit card required at booking. Must be 21 or older to book. Valid only for a 1-bedroom Oceanfront suite. $15-per-night resort fee and 12&#46;5% tax not included"
          "title": "Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort: 2-Night Stay for up to 4",
          "externalUrl": null,
          "id": 684185,
          "value": {
            "formattedAmount": "$577.00",
            "amount": 57700,
            "currencyCode": "USD"
          "minimumPurchaseQuantity": 1,
          "discountPercent": 55,
          "initialQuantity": 681,
          "isSoldOut": false,
          "expiresAt": "2011-12-23T04:59:00Z",
          "isLimitedQuantity": true,
          "soldQuantity": 528,
          "redemptionLocations": [
              "city": "Miami Beach",
              "name": "Miami Beach, Florida",
              "streetAddress1": "16701 Collins Ave.",
              "country": "US",
              "streetAddress2": "",
              "lng": -80.1216943,
              "phoneNumber": "888-528-1840",
              "postalCode": "33160",
              "lat": 25.930173,
              "state": "Florida"
    }, ...