National Taipei University
Computer Science with Hooman

Team member:
           Andy Hsu
I came from tainan .Because there has no MRT ,the time of traffic is much longer than tiapei . If Portal can become the true . It will be more covenience than before.  
我來自臺南,由於那邊沒有捷運,公車班次相較臺北非常少,通勤、交通時間較久個,故有Portal 的構想出現,如果有Portal,將能真正實現天涯若比鄰。

           Ming Chieh 
        Born and live in Taoyuan for twenty years.  Graduated from wulin senior high school.
        Activity Director of the NTPUEE Student Association
        Team Leader of the NTPUEE Basketball Team
    Love to watch movies and series like Godfather, lalaland, The Black List, White colar , Breaking Bad and else.
    Spend lots of time on movies, basketball and part time job. Being a tutor for math, physics and science.Also being a intern at  an automation technology company .

           Jason Lee 
I am from kaohsiung. Because of all the restaurants are far away from our living quarters. So if there is a portal that travel from place to place. Dinning will be so easy, and our life will be so lovely.

           Luke Lin look you
I came from taoyuan. Because it is so too far for me to go home everyday.So i rent a suite near school now.But i miss my home so much .Every moment, my mom's face keep appearing in my mind..If potal is evented, then i can see my mom every day.

           Hong Chi Zhan -塞啦
Although I came from rural area, I have been in touch with science since I was just a child. In my childhood, when other kids who were the same age as I were watching the cartoon likes “Teletubbies”(天線寶寶), I was watching my favorite TV program “Discovery”. That’s the reason why I’m so interested in science. I even have a dream to be a scientist. One day, I was watching the cartoon “Doraemon”, suddenly, Doraemon took out a props which looked like a dook. You could decide where you want to go, and then you just open the door, the destination would be in front of you right away. What a magic door! If people could invent the similar thing, it must have save lots of time from transportation.