Communication, considered to be one of the most important factors in deciding if a business will succeed or fail, has been continually changing throughout history.  All business members have to communicate with each other whether it is face to face or electronically.  With increasing technological advances businessmen are finding new and interesting ways to communicate.  They may be just ten feet away and yet never have to see each other or they may be thousands of miles away from each other and still be able to hear and see each other, but before they could break these laws of physic the technology had to be invented.  With the technological advance businessmen are now able to compute mobiling. 
Mobile Computing
    Mobile computing is the discipline for creating an information management platform, which is free from spatial and temporal constraints. The freedom from these constraints allows its users to access and process desired information from anywhere in the space. The state of the user, static or mobile, does not affect the information management capability of the mobile platform. A user can continue to access and manipulate desired data while traveling on plane, in car, on ship, etc.

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