Project Objective

The objective of this project is to design a firing mechanism/system, for a gas operated assault rifle, which would minimize/neutralize the excessive recoil that occurs when the weapon is discharged. Minimizing the recoil will make the weapon more controllable, increase the rate of fire, and increase precision in semi-automatic and especially in full-automatic mode. This system would make weapon more precise, easier to operate, and more durable (since the recoil shock, impact, and stress on internal parts of the mechanism will be diminished). The system should be simple, reliable and easy to clean in battle conditions. The weapon will use a standard NATO 5.56x45mm cartridge.


Gas operated automatic assault rifles experience recoil due to the internal bullet reloading mechanism as well as exiting exhaust gases. Firing such a rifle in a full automatic mode reduces accuracy because the shooter cannot maintain a steady aim. By redesigning the internal mechanisms, the amount of perceived recoil will be reduced. The modified loading, firing, and extraction system reduce recoil. This is accomplished by using a balanced double-bolt system that reduces recoil and increases rate of fire.