Insured Losses

At Group 1 Adjusters we handle all property damage claims including:
Hurricane and Wind

Group 1 Adjusters specializes in Hurricane claims. We have extensive knowledge of the effects that Hurricanes cause on a building. We utilize engineering techniques to determine any hidden damages. Hidden damages are a vital part of the claim recovery process and if missed, can cost the property owner hundreds and thousands of dollars in the years to come.  We are educated in the backgrounds of window systems and roofing, the two most vulnerable building components.
The insurance industry is currently changing policy language that can make it easier to defend itself against sinkhole claims. If you have or think that your property is experiencing damage from a Sinkhole, you need to act fast before these changes take place. Common signs are cracking of the building envelope and foundation, typically within a short timeframe. Call us to get a free inspection of your property.  

Collapse/Hidden Decay

Currently, Insurance companies are re-writing the definitions of collapse within their policies. Previously and possibly within some of today’s policies, collapse includes hidden decay, rot, and structural damages to a building which will result in collapse without actually collapsing. Termites, long term seepage, and construction defects are typically excluded with most insurance policies; however some of these items may be covered if they were hidden to all occupants.  Further, if these items result in or are determined to result in collapse, then coverage may exist. Call us to get a free inspection of your property.


Flood claims are handled differently from any other insured peril. A flood claim should not be mistaken from water damage. A flood is “A general and temporary condition of partial or complete inundation of two or more acres of normally dry land area or of two or more properties. Flood claims are handled by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Group 1 Adjusters have been trained and certified previously by the NFIP.

Water Damage

Also defined as “accidental discharge or overflow of water” covers accidental discharge or overflow of water from within a plumbing, heating, air conditioning, automatic fire protective sprinkler system or household appliance on the residence premises. Your insurance policy also contains language that excludes “seepage or leakage” over a period of time, typically 14 days. If your property has suffered water damages, it is extremely important on how it is reported to your insurance company. Group 1 Adjusters know how to prepare and determine if coverage exists. Call us for free information regarding your water damage claim.
Many factors need to be considered when determining the extent of fire damages. Group 1 Adjusters are experienced in dealing with these factors. For instance, electrical fires may require the entire building to be brought up to current building code, which result in costly expenses. Smoke damages to the surrounding areas and may require full replacement of the items in order to fully remove the affected areas. Call Group 1 Adjusters for free information regarding your fire claim. 

Majority of insurance policies do no cover mold or “fungi” damages, however they do cover mold damages when the mold or “fungi” is caused by a covered peril. This is why it is important to have an experienced professional working for you. Determination and interpretation of insurance policies is the key to getting your claim paid and getting you and your property back to its previous condition.  

Vandalism – Theft
Your insurance policy requires the policyholder to comply with certain procedures following a vandalism or theft claim. You must notify the police and request a police report. Policies typically contain a “vacancy provision” of 30 consecutive days. If a loss occurs after the property has been determined “vacant” the policy may not afford coverage to that loss. Group 1 Adjusters specializes in interpreting policy language and can assist you in the right direction with your vandalism –theft claim.
Business Interruption Claims

Commercial policies typically offer different coverages for different types of businesses. Group 1 Adjusters have a thorough understanding and interpreting the language of these insurance policies. Group 1 Adjusters have successfully adjusted interruption claims involving interruptions while the damaged building is being restored. Contact us for a free consultation on understanding your business interruption claim.

Other perils
Hail damage                                          Lightning                                        Falling objects