Services & Specialties

Whether you are a commercial property owner, residential property owner, clients attorney, or clients public adjuster; we can assist you and your client with the insurance claim process.
We can provide the following services

  • Claim analysis
  • Coverage analysis
  • Co-insurance analysis
  • Line item repair estimates
  • Content Inventory Worksheets
  • Depreciation calculation reports
  • Business Interruption analysis
  • Engineer referrals (Investigative purposes only)
  • Contractor referrals (Investigative purposes only)
  • Thermal Imaging Photography (Investigative purposes only)
  • Construction analysis reports
  • Mediation representation
  • Appraisal representation
  • Umpire services
  • Litigation Preparation


  • Group 1 Adjusters specialize in complex commercial and residential property damage claims. We put in extensive amounts of time, knowledge and background into our claims. The final product is second to none. Detail to every factor involved will be completed on all of our claims
  • Group 1 Adjusters understand policy language. We understand the typical scenarios used in the adjusting world regarding denials and defenses raised by insurance carriers. We cover all grounds prior to the defenses being raised.
  • Group 1 Adjusters understand construction. Although, according to majority of the State Licensing and Regulation departments, the adjuster’s job is to apply the policy and conditions. They are not specifically experts in re-construction. Group 1 Adjusters are not only well educated in insurance policies, we are extremely knowledgeable regarding re-construction methods, local building codes and safety precautions during restoration.


Investigative Methods

·         Group 1 Adjusters utilize current methods for investigative claims. We are constantly communicating with engineers, architects, building code officials and contractors, to get up-to-date information regarding construction. We understand our clients depend on our expertise to determine all damages are accounted for.

·         We utilize special equipment to help determine "hidden damages" within a structure. Our adjusters carry moisture meters with them to determine the extent of damaged areas when investigated water and hurricane claims.