Condominium Claim Assistance

Group 1 Adjusters are successfully in handling both commercial and residential condominium insurance claims. We have successfully helped unit owners, tenants and associations throughout the southeast and central United States.Condominium claims are handled differently than other claims and require knowledgeable experts to work them efficiently. Group 1 Adjusters have the experience required not only in determining correct reconstruction methods, hidden damage analysis and code compliance; but also how to apply the association’s bylaws and applicable statutes to the ownership of the claim components. We are constantly following up with current case law new statutes that may affect these claims.

We frequently work together with association boards and property managers. We are able to attend your board meetings and demonstrate our experience and previous success stories.

Whether you are a board member, unit owner, property manager or association attorney, we will work together with you to get the best possible results on your property claim.

Condominium Association Refferals 

Below are just some of the Residential and Commercial associations we have helped. Want to leave a comment, please email us at

“Group 1 Adjusters helped us out tremendously after Hurricane Wilma damaged our building in West Kendall. Originally, our insurance did not want to cover any of the interior drywall. They stated it was not included in our insurance. We hired Group 1 and shortly after. With Group 1 Adjusters assistance we received payment for both the damaged common elements and the interior drywalls. Our adjuster explained that there was a statute which superseded our bylaws and that the insurance company had to honor it.”

Efrain Fonseca, President Kendall Commerce Association. Miami, FL

“Our building was extremely impaired by Hurricane Katrina. At the time, I was the president of the association. We filed a claim immediately after the event and the insurance company made their payment. The payment could not cover the repairs needed. We contacted the insurance company and they explained that only certain items were covered under the association’s policy. Not knowing what the payment represented and having the responsibility of running the association, we decided to hire our own experts. Group 1 Adjusters was hired three months after our payment. They reopened the claim and were able to get us and additional 325% over the original amount.”

From the Board of Directors, Shadows of the Gulf Condominiums. Pass Christen, Mississippi

“Group 1 Adjusters was able to prove the insurance company wrong. When Hurricane Wilma struck our shopping plaza in Coral Springs, FL, several of our units were vacant. After providing the insurance company a copy of our leases, their adjuster determined the tenants were responsible for the interiors of all units. They did not pay for any of the interiors, including the vacant units. We hired Group 1 shortly thereafter. Our adjuster was able to prove the insurance company wrong. He informed them that because we had taken possession of the vacant units prior to the event, we were entitled to all of the betterments and improvements including the interior build outs. In the end we were reimbursed for all and were able to re-lease the units immediately.”

Dan Keyser. Oakland Park, FL

“I would hire Group 1 Adjusters after any event, big or small. As a property manager, I have a brief understanding of insurance policies, but do not have the experience to ensure full payment. I do not have the time nor want the burden of juggling the extremely time consumption with the insurance company. I receive piece of mind, knowing that we have a professional on our side. I have used Group 1 Adjusters on 14 different occasions and have never been disappointed. I run a business and can continue to do so when a catastrophe occurs, thanks to Group 1 Adjusters”

Patricia Gomez. Villa Property Management. Houston, Texas