Case Studies

Motel 7 - Miami, Florida

During Hurricane Wilma in 2005, Motel 7 suffered severe damages to its buildings located in Opa Locka, FL. The original adjustment provided by the insurance company allowed the owners to repair the rear building’s roof only. Motel 7 employed Group One Adjusters in March of 2009. Group One Adjusters was able to prove damages to the front building's roof, windows, screen enclosures, and interior plaster. Group One Adjusters was able to prove structural damages to the rear building's roof, damages to the windows and interior plaster. The final award was five times the original payment.
Bibleway Missionary Baptist Church - Alabama

Bibleway Missionary Baptist Church suffered extreme damages to its building located in Southern Alabama from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. After years of prolonged argument with their insurance company, Bibleway's attorney hired Group One Adjusters in 2009. Group One Adjusters was able to prove substaintial water damages to the interior, damages to the windows, and damages to the roof. All related to the subject storm. After three months of Group One Adjusters initial involvement, the Church received the policy limits on their claim. The final award was fifteen times the original payment.
Versquilles Mini Mall - Alabama

Versquilles Mini Mall suffered severe damages to its building located in Southern Alabama from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The mall received payment for a new roof and interior repairs. Not able to find a roofing contractor for the allowed price, the mall hired an attorney. The attorney employed Group One Adjusters to act as the malls appraiser. Group One Adjusters was able to prove structural damages to the building's roof substrate, and far more extensive damages to the interior.
Kendall Commerce Center - Miami, Florida

During Hurricane Wilma in 2005, Kendall Commerce Center suffered damages to its buildings located in Kendall, FL. Immediately after the storm, the association hired a public insurance adjuster to assist them through their claim. Two years after the public adjuster’s involvement, the association hired Group One Adjusters. Group One Adjusters took the file through the appraisal process, and after four months, the association received a final award. The award was three and half times the final negotiated payment by the previous public adjuster.
Ridgewood Retirement Center - Beaumont, Texas

Ridgewood Retirement Center is a 200 unit senior home facility in Beaumont, TX. During Hurricane Ike in September of 2008, the center sustained severe damages to its roofs and windows. The original adjustment did not warrant roof replacement as the insurance company determined the failure was due to wear and tear. The center hired Group One Adjusters in 2009 to assist with claim. Group One Adjusters were able to prove wind damages to all of the roofs, windows, and extreme water damages to the interiors.
Shadows of the Gulf - Pass Christian, Mississippi

Shadow's of the Gulf Condominium Community was reduced to its concrete foundation after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The association's attorney hired Group One Adjusters to assist with separating the damages from Wind and Flood. Group One Adjusters provided the attorney with a complete damage model separating causation. The association attorney received policy limits on their wind policy.
Oak Shadows Retirement Community - Houston, Texas

Oak Shadows Retirement Community is an eight building, multi story retirement center located in Houston, TX. Oak Shadows sustained damages to its roofs, windows, carports, and interiors during Hurricane Ike in 2008. Oak Shadows hired Group One Adjusters in 2010 after battling with their insurance company for one year and a half. Built in the 70s, the apartment style community was framed with an exterior drywall substrate and contained aluminum wiring. Due to the nature of its construction, Group One Adjusters was able to prove extensive damages to the building’s exterior shell, roofs, windows, carports, electrical components, and interiors.
Residence - Boca Raton, Florida

The subject residence suffered damages to their property located in Boca Raton, FL from Hurricane Wilma in 2005. After battling with their insurance company for over two years, the homeowner hired an attorney to represent them. After four months, the homeowner's attorney negotiated a supplement payment for the insured. Still unsatisfied with the supplement amount, the attorney hired Group One Adjusters. Within two months of involvement, Group One Adjusters was able to secure a final award that was more than four times the total amount paid on the claim.
Condominium Unit Owner - Boca Raton, Florida

A condominium located in Boca Raton suffered severe water damages from a pipe burst. Immediately the unit owner contacted a "Water Extraction" also referred to as "Dry Out" or "Clean Up" company. In their state of panic, the unit owner signed a work authorization form, allowing the company to bill directly to the insurance company for an undetermined amount. The owner's HO6 policy contained a $10,000.00 limit to Coverage A Dwelling. The "Water Extraction" bill directed towards the insurance company was for approximately $10,000.00. The insurance company paid it under Coverage A, therefore exhausting the coverage and not allowing the unit owner to collect for the permanent repairs. During the days of the "Dry Out" a water heater failed and caused damages to the same unit. The unit owner contacted their insurance company to open an additional claim. The insurance company refused any payment to the additional claim unless the unit owner could prove repairs were made to the unit between the first claim and second claim. The unit owner informed the insurance company that repairs were not made as the two claims were only 5 days apart. The insurance company left the second claim open, but never tendered payment. The unit owner hired several attorneys to assist them with their recovery. Several years passed and the unit owner was forced to sell the damaged unit at a substantial loss. The unit owner's attorney hired Group 1 Adjusters, 4 years after the initial claim. Group 1 Adjusters successfully assisted the attorney and unit owner, by separating the areas of damages caused by the 2 claims. One claim caused damages to the kitchen and living room, as the second to the bedroom and bathrooms. Group 1 then helped the insurance company and the insured's attorney place the $10,000.00 water extraction bill under the policies "Limited Fungi" endorsement, therefore freeing up the $10,000.00 Coverage A amount. In the end the unit owner received policy limits on all coverages, for both losses and the $10k "Limited Fungi" endorsement for the first loss.
Homeowner - Weston, Florida

The subject residence sustained damages during Tropical Storm Fay which passed over the South Florida area in the fall of 2008. The homeowner filed a claim with their insurance company. The insurance company inspected the property and issued a payment. A portion of the payment was admitted for roof damages. The homeowner was unable to find a roofing contractor willing to repair the roof due to damages from the storm and other conditions found on the roof. The homeowner hired Group 1 Adjusters. Within 1 month of our involvement, we were able to prove that the homeowner's roof was un-repairable due to local code compliance, and the insurance company issued payment under the "Law and Ordinance" also refereed as "Increased Cost of Construction" endorsement.
Homeowner - Lighthouse Point, Florida

The subject residence sustained damages from a roof leak that occurred as result from heavy rainstorms. The drywall ceiling collapsed in the living room exposing damages from a long term leak in the roof. The homeowner contacted Group 1 Adjusters immediately after the discovering the damages. Insurance policies usually contain a "Long Term Seepage" exclusion that would trigger a denial of coverage from a loss that occurs over a long period of water infiltration. The policy also contains language stating if the damage is not visible, or hidden, the policy will provide coverage upon the date of discovering the damages exists. Group 1 Adjusters were able to prove that the insured was unaware of the condition as the collapsed drywall ceilings did not contain water stains and that no visible evidence was present prior to the discovery date. The insurance company issued payment for the interior damages but not to the roof as the policy excludes "wear and tear". Upon the hidden damages were water damages to the roofing trusses and plywood decking. Group 1 Adjuster submitted estimates from local roofing contractors to repair these areas, and the insurance company issued payment. When the roofing contractor submitted a repair permit to the City of Lighthouse Point, the City Building Department denied it as the roof was determined un-repairable due to its condition and material availability. Group 1 presented an additional claim under the homeowner's "Law and Ordinance" also refereed as "Increased Cost of Construction" endorsement, and the insurance company tendered payment for the roof.

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