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Group 1 Adjusters are public insurance adjusters licensed in most states and are recognized nationally for property claim appraising on behalf of the insured, not the insurance company. We have helped businesses and homeowners successfully settle their insurance claims by providing detailed damage model reports and representation. Our focus is maximizing and expediting our clients’ financial recovery from insurance claims. Gathering crucial evidence is our key to providing our clients with the best insurance settlements.

What is a public insurance adjuster?

      A Public Insurance Adjuster represents the insured's (property owner, business owner) interest. The Public Adjuster works directly for the insured, not the insurance company. We are licensed professionals that prepare your claim and its components, and present it to your insurance company. We are educated in interpreting insurance policies and the coverages that exists within them. We are not repair contractors. It is our job to provide our clients with the best insurance settlement possible to help those recover from devastating disasters. Whether you have a residential property claim, commercial property claim, or business interruption claim, we are here to help you retrieve the funds necessary to make a full recovery. We are knowledgeable and efficient with alternative dispute resolutions. This helps you to "level the playing field" with your insurance company. Whether it's through the appraisal process, mediation, or just adjusting, we are here to represent you.

What is a Claim Appraiser?

 If you have already been dealing directly with your insurance company and cannot reach an agreement, your policy provides an appraisal provision which can be triggered to resolve the disputed amount. Group 1 Adjusters can represent you as your claim appraiser. We are recognized nationally as "Competent Appraisers" and are able to represent you through this process. Group 1 Adjusters specializes in this alternative dispute resolution process.

The Science of Proper Claims Adjustment...

Theory and basis support proper claims adjusting. Aside from an itemized repair estimate, supporting documentation must be compiled. We typically provide evidence of climate, building, and construction background to help determine the extent of damage and proper repair methods. We compile evidence on causation for the initial damages and effects to the surrounding components. We research pre-existing conditions of the structure. We calculate depreciation, if applicable, through construction component information and maintenance records. We determine material availability from the manufacturer. We analyze Building Code requirements of reconstruction. All of these components and research can assure and prove the true extent of damages and basis of the actual repair estimate being presented.

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 Below are Typical Reasons for hiring Group 1 Adjusters
-We work for you, not the insurance company. We have your your interest at mind.
- Claim being delayed
- Claim underpaid 
- To receive your own professional advice and claim analysis
- We are professionals in insurance and in construction 
- We utilize higher methods than insurance companies, to determine "hidden damages"
- We don't get paid unless you get paid

Benefitis of Public Adjusters

In Florida, a study for the state Legislature found that public adjusters helped homeonwners get, on average, 547 percent more for thier claims. 2010 Oppaga Report