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     least, digital voyeurs, at worst criminals with a possible big

     crime connection.


     The information received by The Australian amounts to a confession

     on the part of the Australian hackers to involvement in the

     break-in of the US Citibank network as well as advice on phreaking

     ... and bank access.


     The following is taken directly from the bulletin board ... It was

     stored in a private mailbox on the board and is from a hacker known

     as Ivan Trotsky to one who uses the name Killer Tomato:


     `OK this is what's been happening ...


     `While back a Sysop had a call from the Feds, they wanted Force's,

     Phoenix's, Nom's, Brett Macmillan's and my names in connection with

     some hacking The Realm had done and also with some carding meant to

     have been done too.


     `Then in the last few days I get info passed to me that the Hack

     that was done to the Citibank in the US which has led to arrests

     over there also had connections to Force and Electron ...'


     DPG monitoring service spokesman, Mr Stuart Gill, said he believed

     the Pacific Island material was only the tip of the iceberg.


     `They're far better organised than the police,' he said.


     `Unless everyone gets their act together and we legislate against

     it, we'll still be talking about the same things this time next



     Yesterday, the South Australian police started an operation to put

     bulletin boards operating in that state under surveillance.


     And in Western Australia, both political parties agreed they would

     proceed with an inquiry into computer hacking, whoever was in



     The Victoria Police fraud squad last week announced it had set up a

     computer crime squad that would investigate complaints of computer



   The articles were painful reading for most in the computer



   Who was this Captain Cash? Who was the Killer Tomato? Many believed

   they were either Stuart Gill, or that Gill had forged messages by them

   or others on Bowen's board. Was the underground rife with credit card

   frauders? No. They formed only a very small part of that community.

   Had the Melbourne hackers stolen half a million dollars from Citibank?

   Absolutely not. A subsequent police investigation determined this

   allegation to be a complete fabrication.


   How had six months' worth of messages from PI and Zen found their way

   into the hands of the Victoria Police Bureau of Criminal Intelligence?

   Members of the underground had their suspicions.


   To some, Stuart Gill's role in the underground appeared to be that of

   an information trader. He would feed a police agency information, and