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     Yesterday, however, evidence continued to stream into the Melbourne

     based bulletin boards under suspicion ...


     In the latest round of bulletin board activity, a message from a

     United States hacker known as Captain Cash provided the Australian

     connection with the latest news on Australian credit cards,

     provided by local hackers, and their illegal use by US hackers to

     the value of $US362 018 ($416112).


     The information was taken from a computer bulletin board system

     known as Pacific Island and used actively by the Australian



     The message read: `OK on the 5353 series which we are closing

     today--Mastercard $109 400.50. On the 4564 series--Visa which I'll

     leave open for a week


     $209417.90. And on good old don't leave home without someone

     else's: $43 200.


     `Making a grand total of




     `Let's hear it for our Aussie friends!


     `I hear they are doing just as well!


     `They are sending more numbers on the 23rd! Great!


     `They will be getting 10%


     as usual...a nice bonus of


     $36 200.00!'


     The bulletin board also contained advice for phreakers on using

     telephones in Telecom's 199 William Street headquarters and the

     green phones at Spencer Street Station in Melbourne--to make free

     international calls ...


     Phoenix, another local bulletin board user, listed prices for

     `EXTC'- tablets ...


     Late Friday, The Australian received evidence suggesting a break-in

     of the US Citibank network by Australian hackers known as The Realm



     The gang's US connection is believed to be based in Milwaukee and

     Houston. US Federal authorities have already raided US hackers

     involved in Citibank break-ins in the US.


     A covert operation of the Bureau of Criminal Intelligence has had

     the Australian connection under surveillance and last week took

     delivery of six months' of evidence from the Pacific Island board

     and associated boards going by the name of Zen and Megaworks ...


     The Australian hackers include a number of Melbourne people, some

     teenagers, suspected or already convicted of crimes including

     fraud, drug use and car theft. Most are considered to be at the