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   transcripts, 1996




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   Fraser Publishing Co., a Division of South-Western Publishing Co.,

   Appellee No. 01-95-00331-Cv 1995 Tex. App.


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   52/1994 ; judgment no. A64/1994


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   FED no. 1006/95 Tort--Negligence


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   United States of America v. Julio Fernandez, et al. 92 Cr. 563 (RO)


   United States of America, Plaintiff, v. Robert J. Riggs, also known as

   Robert Johnson, also known as Prophet, and Craig Neidorf, also known

   as Knight Lightning, Defendants No. 90 CR 0070 743 F. Supp. 556; 1990

   U.S. Dist.


   United States of America, Appellee, v. Robert Tappan Morris,

   Defendant-Appellant No. 90-1336 928 F.2d 504; 1991 U.S. App.


   Wesley Thomas Dingwall v. Commonwealth of Australia no. NG575 of 1991

   Fed no. 296/94 Torts


   William Thomas Bartlett v. Claire Patricia Weir, Henry J T Rook, Noel

   E. Aikman, Philip Edwards and Michael B McKay no. TG7 of 1992; FED no.



   Additional court records:


   (Court documents of most cases described in this book)


   Memos and reports to/from:


   Bureau of Criminal Intelligence, Victoria Police


   Internal Security Unit, Victoria Police


   The NASA SPAN office relating to the WANK worm


   Office of the District Attorney, Monterey, California


   Overseas Telecommunications Commission (Australia)