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   The Herald (Melbourne)


   The Herald Sun (Melbourne)


   The Independent


   The Irish Times


   The Legal Intelligencer (USA)


   The Los Angeles Times


   The Nation


   The National Law Journal (USA)


   The New York Times


   The Recorder (USA)


   The Reuter European Community Report


   The Reuter Library Report


   The Scotsman


   The Sun (Melbourne)


   The Sunday Age


   The Sydney Morning Herald


   The Times


   The Washington Post


   The Washington Times


   The Weekend Australian


   Time Magazine


   United Nations Chronicle


   United Press International


   USA Today




   Hearing of the Transportation, Aviation and Materials Subcommittee of

   the House Science, Space and Technology Committee transcript: witness

   Clifford Stoll, 10 July 1990


   `Larry King Live' transcript, interview with Clifford Stoll, 23 March



   The World Uranium Hearing, Salzburg 1992, witness transcripts


   US Government Accounting Office Hearing (computer security) witness