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   TCP Transmission Control Protocol (RFC793): a standard for data

   connection between two computers on the Internet


   TELENET An X.25 network, DNIC 3110


   Telnet A method of connection between two computers on the Internet or

   other TCP/IP networks


   Trojan A program installed by hackers to secretly gather information,

   such as passwords. Can also be a backdoor


   Tymnet An X.25 network controlled by MCI, DNIC 3106


   Unix Multi-user computer operating system developed by AT&T and

   Berkeley CSRG


   VAX Virtual Address Extension: series of mini/mainframe computer

   systems produced by DEC


   VMS Virtual Memory System: computer operating system produced by DEC

   and used on its VAX machines


   WANK Worms Against Nuclear Killers: the title of DECNET/VMS-based worm

   released into SPAN/DEC/HEPNET in 1989


   X.25 International data communications network, using the X.25

   communications protocol. Network is run primarily by major

   telecommunications companies. Based on CCITT standard # X.25


   Zardoz A restricted computer security mailing list