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   MILNET Military Network: TCP/IP unclassified US DOD computer network


   MOD Masters of Deception (or Destruction)


   Modem Modulator De-modulator: a device used to transmit computer data

   over a regular telephone line


   NCA National Crime Authority


   Netlink A Primos/Dialcom command used to initiate a connection over an

   X.25 network


   NIST National Institute of Standards (US)


   NIC Network Information Center (US), run by DOD: a computer which

   assigned domain names for the Internet.


   NRL Naval Research Laboratory (US)


   NSA National Security Agency (US)


   NUA Network User Address: the `telephone' number of a computer on an

   X.25 network


   NUI Network User Identifier (or Identification): combined

   username/password used on X.25 networks for billing purposes


   NorTel Northern Telecom, Canadian manufacturer of telecommunications



   PABX Private Automatic Branch Exchange


   PAD Packet Assembler Disassembler--ASCII gateway to X.25 networks


   PAR `PAR?'--command on PAD to display PAD



   RMIT Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology


   RTG Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator, space probe Galileo's

   plutonium-based power system


   RTM Robert Tappan Morris (Jr), the Cornell University student who

   wrote the Internet worm, also known as the RTM worm


   Scanner A program which scans and compiles information, such as a list

   of NUAs


   SPAN Space Physics Analysis Network: global DECNET- based network,

   primarily controlled by NASA


   Sprint US telecommunications company, an X.25 network provider


   Sprinter Word used by some Australian and English hackers to denote

   scanner. Derived from scanning attacks on Sprint communications


   Sprintnet X.25 network controlled by Sprint communications


   Sun Sun Microsystems--a major producer of Unix workstations