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   DEFCON (a) Defense Readiness Conditions, a system of progressive alert

   postures in the US; (b) the name of Force's computer program which

   automatically mapped out computer networks and scanned for accounts


   DES Data Encryption Standard, an encryption algorithm developed by

   IBM, NSA and NIST


   Deszip Fast DES Unix password-cracking system developed by Matthew



   Dial-up Modem access point into a computer or computer network


   DMS-100 Computerised telephone switch (exchange) made by NorTel


   DOD Department of Defense (US)


   DOE Department of Energy (US)


   DPP Director of Public Prosecutions


   DST Direction de la Surveillance du Territoire-- French secret service



   EASYNET Digital Equipment Corporation's internal communication network



   GTN Global Telecommunications Network: Citibank's international data



   HEPNET High Energy Physics Network: DECNET-based network, primarily

   controlled by DOE, connected to NASA's SPAN


   IID Internal Investigations Division. Both the Victoria Police and the

   AFP have an IID


   IP Internet Protocol (RFC791): a data communications protocol, used to

   transmit packets of data between computers on the Internet


   IS International Subversive (electronic magazine)


   ISU Internal Security Unit: anti-corruption unit of the Victoria



   ITU International Telecommunications Union, the international

   telecommunications standards body


   JANET Joint Academic Network (UK), a network of computers


   JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory--a California-based NASA research centre

   affiliated with CalTech


   LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (US)


   LOD Legion of Doom


   Lutzifer West German computer, connected to the X.25 network, which

   had a chat facility


   MFC Multi Frequency Code (Group III): inter-exchange

   telecommunications system used by Telstra (Telecom)