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             Underground -- Glossary and Abbreviations




   AARNET Australian Academic Research Network


   ACARB Australian Computer Abuse Research Bureau, once called CITCARB


   AFP Australian Federal Police


   Altos West German chat system and hacker hang-out, connected to X.25

   network and run by Altos Computer Systems, Hamburg


   ANU Australian National University


   ASIO Australian Security Intelligence Organisation


   Backdoor A program or modification providing secret access to a

   computer system, installed by a hacker to bypass normal security. Also

   used as a verb


   BBS Bulletin Board System


   BNL Brookhaven National Laboratory (US)


   BRL Ballistics Research Laboratory (US)


   BT British Telecom


   CCITT Committee Consultatif Internationale Telegraph et Telephonie:

   Swiss telecommunications standards body (now defunct; see ITU)


   CCS Computer Crime Squad


   CCU Computer Crimes Unit (Australian Federal Police)


   CERT Computer Emergency Response Team


   CIAC Computer Incident Advisory Capability: DOE's computer security



   CITCARB Chisholm Institute of Technology Computer Abuse Research

   Bureau (now defunct. See ACARB)


   COBE Cosmic Background Explorer project: a NASA research project


   DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (US)


   DCL Digital Command Language, a computer programming language used on

   VMS computers


   DDN Defense Data Network


   DEC Digital Equipment Corporation


   DECNET A network protocol used to convey information between

   (primarily) VAX/VMS machines