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   algorithms as well or the Ki is useless. These algorithms can be

   obtained by hacking the switch manufacturer, i.e. Siemens, Alcatel,

   Motorola ...


   `As a call is made from the target cellphone, you need to feed the A5

   key into a cellphone which has been modified to let it eavesdrop on

   the channel used by the cellphone. Normally, this eavesdropping will

   only produce static--since the conversation is encrypted. However,

   with the keys and equipment, you can decode the conversation.'


   This is one of the handover messages, logged with a CCITT7 link

   monitor, that he saw:


   13:54:46"3 4Rx< SCCP 12-2-09-1 12-2-04-0 13 CR




   BSSMAP GSM 08.08 Rev 3.9.2 (BSSM) HaNDover REQuest (HOREQ)


   -------0 Discrimination bit D BSSMAP


   0000000- Filler


   00101011 Message Length 43


   00010000 Message Type 0x10


   Channel Type


   00001011 IE Name Channel type


   00000011 IE Length 3


   00000001 Speech/Data Indicator Speech


   00001000 Channel Rate/Type Full rate TCH channel Bm


   00000001 Speech Encoding Algorithm GSM speech algorithm Ver 1


   Encryption Information


   00001010 IE Name Encryption information


   00001001 IE Length 9


   00000010 Algorithm ID GSM user data encryption V. 1


   ******** Encryption Key C9 7F 45 7E 29 8E 08 00


   Classmark Information Type 2


   00010010 IE Name Classmark information type 2


   00000010 IE Length 2


   -----001 RF power capability Class 2, portable


   ---00--- Encryption algorithm Algorithm A5


   000----- Revision level