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   program or an operating system. The word `backdoor' is now used as

   both a noun and a verb in the underground. Hackers are very nervous

   discussing this subject, in part because they don't want to see a

   computer company's stock dive and people lose their jobs.


   What kind of programs do these hackers want to backdoor? Targets

   mentioned include at least one major Internet browser, a popular game,

   an Internet packet filter and a database product used by law

   enforcement agencies.


   A good backdoor is a very powerful device, creating a covert channel

   through even the most sturdy of firewalls into the heart of an

   otherwise secure network. In a net browser, a backdoor would in theory

   allow a hacker to connect directly into someone's home computer every

   time he or she wandered around the World Wide Web. However, don't

   expect hackers to invade your suburban home just yet. Most elite

   hackers couldn't care less about the average person's home computer.


   Perhaps you are wondering who might be behind this sort of attack.

   What sort of person would do this? There are no easy answers to that

   question. Some hackers are good people, some are bad, just like any

   group of people. The next generation of elite hackers are a diverse

   bunch, and relaying their stories would take another book entirely.

   However, I would like to introduce you to just one, to give you a

   window into the future.