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   In 1993, the Victorian Ombudsman1 and the Victoria Police both

   investigated the leaking of confidential police information in

   association with Operation Iceberg--a police investigation into

   allegations of corruption against Assistant Commissioner of Police

   Frank Green. Stuart Gill figured prominently in both reports.


   The Victoria Police report concluded that `Gill was able to infiltrate

   the policing environment by skilfully manipulating himself and

   information to the unsuspecting'. The Ombudsman concluded that a

   `large quantity of confidential police information, mainly from the

   ISU database, was given to ... Gill by [Victoria Police officer]



   The police report stated that Inspector Chris Cosgriff had

   deliberately leaked confidential police information to Gill, and

   reported that he was `besotted with Gill'. Superintendent Tony Warren,

   ex-Deputy Commissioner John Frame and ex-Assistant Commissioner

   Bernice Masterston were also criticised in the report.


   The Ombudsman concluded that Warren and Cosgriff's relationship with

   Gill was `primarily responsible for the release of confidential

   information'. Interestingly, however, the Ombudsman also stated,

   `Whilst Mr Gill may have had his own agenda and taken advantage of his

   relationship with police, [the] police have equally used and in some

   cases misused Mr Gill for their own purposes'.


   The Ombudsman's report further concluded that there was no evidence of

   criminal conduct by Frank Green, and that the `allegations made over

   the years against Mr Green should have been properly and fully

   investigated at the time they were made'.