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   Prime Suspect has no regrets about his choices. He believed that he

   and Mendax were headed in different directions in life. The friendship

   would have ended anyway, so he decided that he was not willing to go

   to prison for Mendax.


   He completed a TAFE course in computer programming and found a job in

   the burgeoning Internet industry. He likes his job. His employer, who

   knows about his hacking convictions, recently gave him a pay rise. In

   mid-1994, he gave up drugs for good. In 1995 he moved into a shared

   house with some friends, and in August 1996 he stopped smoking



   Without hacking, there seems to be time in his life to do new things.

   He took up sky-diving. A single jump gives him a high which lasts for

   days, sometimes up to a week. Girls have captured his interest. He's

   had a few girlfriends and thinks he would like to settle into a

   serious relationship when he finds the right person.


   Recently, Prime Suspect has been studying martial arts. He tries to

   attend at least four classes a week, sometimes more, and says he has a

   special interest in the spiritual and philosophical sides of martial

   arts. Most days, he rises at 5 a.m., either to jog or to meditate.