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   When the two returned to the interview room, Anthrax's father turned

   to the police and said suddenly, `He has decided to confess'.


   That was not true. Anthrax hadn't decided anything of the sort. His

   father was full of surprises. It seemed every time he opened his

   mouth, an ugly surprise came out.


   Ken Day and Andrew Sexton warmed up a shaky Anthrax by showing him

   various documents, pieces of paper with Anthrax's scribbles seized

   during the raid, telephone taps. At one stage, Day pointed to some

   handwritten notes which read `KDAY'. He looked at Anthrax.


   `What's that? That's me.'


   Anthrax smiled for the first time in a long while. It was something to

   be happy about. The head of the AFP's Computer Crime Unit in Melbourne

   sat there, so sure he was onto something big. There was his name, bold

   as day, in the hacker's handwriting on a bit of paper seized in a

   raid. Day seemed to be expecting something good.


   Anthrax said, `If you ring that up you will find it is a radio

   station.' An American radio station. Written on the same bit of paper

   were the names of an American clothing store, another US-based radio

   station, and a few records he wanted to order.


   `There you go,' Day laughed at his own hasty conclusions. `I've got a

   radio station named after me.'


   Day asked Anthrax why he wrote down all sorts of things, directory

   paths, codes, error messages.


   `Just part of the record-keeping. I think I wrote this down when I had

   first been given this dial-up and I was just feeling my way around,

   taking notes of what different things did.'


   `What were your intentions at the time with these computer networks?'


   `At this stage, I was just having a look, just a matter of curiosity.'


   `Was it a matter of curiosity--"Gee, this is interesting" or was it

   more like "I would like to get into them" at this stage?'


   `I couldn't say what was going through my mind at the time. But

   initially once I got into the first system--I'm sure you have heard

   this a lot--but once you get into the first system, it's like you get

   into the next one and the next one and the next one, after a while it

   doesn't ...' Anthrax couldn't find the right words to finish the



   `Once you have tasted the forbidden fruit?'


   `Exactly. It's a good analogy.'


   Day pressed on with questions about Anthrax's hacking. He successfully

   elicited admissions from the hacker. Anthrax gave Day more than the

   police officer had before, but probably not as much as he would have



   It was, however, enough. Enough to keep the police from charging

   Anthrax's mother. And enough for them to charge him.